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Philips Healthcare brings decades of expertise in hospital monitoring to the home front. With Philips, your standard of care goes beyond the boundaries of the hospital or office to your patients’ homes. Philips Remote Cardiac Services are designed to enable timely diagnosis and patient management, while taking the burden away from the physician’s practice. This helps to improve clinical outcomes and patient compliance.


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Diagnostic Arrhythmia Monitoring Service


PT/INR Patient Self-Testing Service

Philips Diagnostic Arrhythmia Monitoring Service receives and analyzes heart rhythm data, providing physicians with timely and accurate customized reports to support a more informed diagnosis and treatment plan.


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Self-testing allows patients to test their INR from home or any other location. It improves INR control and significantly reduces the risk of major complications. Philips INR@Home Service helps take the burden of Coumadin management away from the physician’s practice.

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